Landscaping, Janitorial, & Maintenance

We can do a lot, but it’s hard to list them all here. Here are a few things we can do:

  • Pool and spa cleaning and chemical balancing
  • Cut and trim all common area grass
  • Clear roadways, sidewalks, entry ways and parking lots of rubbish and debris
  • Sweep and mop common areas
  • Power washing, and spot cleaning
  • Minor painting touch-ups and graffiti mitigation
  • Light bulb and fixture replacement
  • Hedge and trim shrubs as needed
  • Maintain the canopy of the existing trees, not to exceed a height of 10′
  • Maintain and re-plant areas as identified by the Board of Directors. Cost of materials and plantings will be the responsibility of the AOAO
  • Inspection of the irrigation system weekly
  • Identify and repair all broken sprinkler heads and lines
  • All green waste will be disposed of in on-site containers in a fashion not to overload any one container